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Simon Clayton Simon at
Fri Jul 14 07:58:24 BST 2000

One thing *I* would suggest is that we use this list more; post
questions here instead of (or as well as) -questions. That would help
to inject more life into the UG. Much of the time this list is almost
dead, so newcomers are likely to form the opinion that nothing ever
happens round here.

I agree totally - when I first joined this list I got two impressions

	1.  Nothing much happens on it

	2.  The Newcastle meet was a bunch of mates going for a piss up!

I'm sure some people will disagree but that is what I thought.  When
the talk started of the Oxford meet I started to get more interested
as it sounded a whole level more professional.

I also think that -questions is far too busy for an average IT 
professional, there are a LOT of mails on that list and I actually
stayed subscribed for a couple of months but then got bored with
the questions which had no relevance to me.  This is an eternal 
problem, when I used to read the Novell Instructors forum you got a
lot of people asking stupid questions which again meant that I stopped
reading the list.

My point is that firstly the UKUG list is valid and valuable but IMHO
if it gets too busy people will unsubscribe - therefore, we also need 
to have a UKUG-questions list where we can start a more active UK 

Just my two penneth!

Simon Clayton
Reference Technology Ltd

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