2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Nick Jones nick at freebsd.cx
Fri Jul 14 02:13:30 BST 2000

> Well I installed Gnome, and rapidly pkg_delete'd it.
> Despite installing one of the two Gnome-compliant wm's (sawfish), it
> repeatedly complained that it couldn't find a compliant wm even when
> pointed at sawfish.

gnome 1.2 seems to be a great improvement, and works very well with the
newer versions of sawfish (0.28 and above), or at least it has done for me
so far.  still feels 'slow' though somehow - but maybe thats just me being
used to blackbox (which is amazingly lightweight and efficient to use).

> I installed Enlightenment and had even more fun
> (minimised apps would just dissapear completely).

um, that was probably because you didn't have an 'iconbox', which is where
minimized applications 'sit' in enlightenment when they are minimized.  no
iconbox results in you not being able to find and restore these
applications.  annoying, i know - and not something that is immediately

/me shuts up as he starts to realise that it sounds like all he does is play
around with purty graphics and gui's in X all day long.... <ahem>

- nick

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