/etc/rc.conf not being read

Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Thu Jul 13 22:28:50 BST 2000

Okay, yet another call for help.

I've spent today installing 4.0-Release onto my new laptop and then CVSupping
to 4.0-STABLE. A few hitches later I got the build world done and a custom
kernel built.

However, having replaced /etc/defaults/rc.conf, /etc/rc.conf is no longer being
read so the PCMCIA Ethernet card (amongst other stuff) isn't being set up

Anyone got any bright ideas as to what I've screwed up? I would attach stuff to
emails but of course I haven't got connectivity to get stuff off :-) I have no
personal data on the box yet so wiping it and starting again is an option.
Installing -CURRENT is even an option :-)

So as always, all pointers gratefully received.

Neil Ford
neil at ourshack.com / neil at binky.demon.co.uk

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