Office suites [was Re: 2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?]

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Jul 13 22:02:48 BST 2000

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 04:26:56PM +0100, David Marsh at home wrote:

> Definitely a workshop on other (perhaps more FreeBSD-friendly) office
> program alternatives would be a goody. I'm keeping my eye on AbiWord for
> now, but it's not quite usable yet..
Well by far the most FreeBSD friendly office suite is Applixware for FreeBSD,
but it's a commercial package and possibly not to everyone's liking. My copy
arrived last Friday and I've only had a couple of day's to play with it. A
fuller review will be forth coming.

Failing that either KOffice or the Gnome apps may be the way to go but I don't
think either are in a stable state yet. AbiWord installs okay from the ports
and runs but it's only a word processor.

So yes, there is scope for a presentation on this subject.

> What would also be cool would be if somebody with a faaast connection could
> burn up some CDs with the source files (or packages) for various FreeBSD
> office suites to distribute (sell?) at the conference. It's a real drag
> being a dialup user and trying to download the likes of StarOffice at
> 33k6.. :-(
Selling for a profit might be a no-no but covering the cost of the media would
seem fair. Having the packages is probably easiest.

Neil Ford
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