2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Ben Smithurst ben at scientia.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 20:04:08 BST 2000

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David Marsh at home wrote:

> I've read about CVSup and CTM, but I don't know if these are really viable
> options over a modem (thoughts of downloading hundreds of megabytes of
> stuff, when I only have 35 hours of 'free' internet time, and flatmates w=
> want to use the phone ;-)

cvsup is certainly viable over a modem.  It's faster cvsupping over
a modem from cvsup.uk than it is over my 10Mbit LAN (but that's just
because the machine with my local cvsupd on has an IDE disk ;-). At
least, it _seems_ faster, I've never timed it.  I guess cvsup.uk has
some obscene amount of memory and obscenely fast SCSI disks.

Once you've got the repository, it doesn't take long to cvsup a day's
updates (I cvsup daily, you might just do it weekly, or just before
each time you buildworld, or whatever).  I'm not sure what happens
if you cvsup with tag=3DRELENG_4, and then want to update your sources
to tag=3DRELENG_5 (when it's created).  I just cvsup the repository
itself (i.e. no tag=3D line) so I don't have that problem.  You need
a fair bit of diskspace too, I think it's at least 1GB for the full

ben at magnesium:/usr/cvs$ du -cs *
14390   CVSROOT
431     distrib
29877   doc
153347  ports
736767  src
17960   www
952772  total

Hmm, a bit less than I thought.  This excludes foreign docs/ports/www

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