2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at insignia.com
Thu Jul 13 19:11:54 BST 2000

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Ovens <mark at dogma.freebsd-uk.eu.org> writes:

    Mark> On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 04:27:00PM +0100, David Marsh at home wrote:
    >> On 12-Jul-00 Mark Ovens wrote:
    >> >
    >> > I was thinking about a topic I could offer to talk about at the next
    >> > conference and decided on the Ports (what they are, how they work,
    >> > keeping up to date, and something about "undocumented" features).
    >> > Anyway, if the Windows thing doesn't prevail then consider this a firm
    >> > offer from me.
    >> That would be excellent too!
    >> Perhaps if that could be expanded to "keeping up to date" in general?
    >> I'm still running 3.2, and I've noticed recently that various recent ports
    >> from freebsd.org seem to have a different port/makefile format which means
    >> that I can't install them.
    >> I sense that a major system upgrade will be in the offing soon, and
    >> naturally this strikes fear into my heart. :-(
    >> I've read about CVSup and CTM, but I don't know if these are really viable
    >> options over a modem (thoughts of downloading hundreds of megabytes of
    >> stuff, when I only have 35 hours of 'free' internet time, and flatmates who
    >> want to use the phone ;-)

    Mark> That's what put me off for so long. I read that the source tree was
    Mark> over 200MB, but if you've got the CDs just install the sources from
    Mark> there, install cvsup and start using it. The first time you run cvsup
    Mark> you should run it with a special tag
    Mark> (http://www.polstra.com/projects/freeware/CVSup/faq.html#adopt) to
    Mark> build a checkout file for the sources *you* have, then run it again
    Mark> (without the special tag) to upgrade.

    Mark> Those first 2 runs may take a couple of hours each, but after that it
    Mark> shouldn't take much longer than 10-15 mins max if you run it a couple
    Mark> of times a week.

Even at once a week it will rarely take more time than that, quite a
lot of that is fixed overhead i.e it will take a while to decide not t
download anything.


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