2nd UK User Conference - venue thread

David Marsh at home drmarsh at bigfoot.com
Thu Jul 13 16:26:42 BST 2000

On 12-Jul-00 Roger Hardiman wrote:
> Neil has taken the lead on the conference content.
> I wanted to ask about the location.
> We thought about
>   Birmingham.
>   Manchester
>   London
>   Oxford again.
> Birmingham
>   Central, easily accessible from both the North of England
>   and from London and the South. (even from bonnie scotland)
>   Good trains, motorways and an international Airport.
> Manchester
>   A bit further north and less handy for the London/South
>   (and these people seem to be large in number)

I'd give my vote to either of these, simply because of the accessibility
issue. Either are fairly easily accessible (and not an inordinately long
journey time) from just about anywhere in the UK by train (and by road).

I would actually have quite strongly considered going to the Oxford
conference (it sounded excellent by the way, and it's great news to hear
that things are moving ahead on various fronts) on this occasion, but
that's simply because I needed a break right about now(!), but unfortunately
being extremely busy at work in the weeks beforehand meant that I didn't
have time to keep pace with my personal email to find out that it was on in
time! I don't think I'd want to venture that far south, simply because of
time and expense issues, ordinarily.

I think that either Birmingham or Manchester would be good locations for
the next conference, and I would add that it would be handy to have the
conference venue either fairly close to a railway station, or a
not-too-expensive taxi ride away..

I've also just thought that a possible good future location might be York?
York is *very* easily (and quickly!!) accessible from Central Scotland,
Northeast England, the Midlands, Eastern England and London by train. I
don't know if we have any known users in that neck of the woods, though?

And there's always the possibility of Glasgow/Edinburgh or Newcastle for
the future again?  ;-)


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