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> Meetings need to be attended by the masses not just the
> lucky few, I do not have the answer to the problem of
> location and mass attendance as such but I do know without
> such a king pin to revolve around this group will need to
> change ....... what came first the group or the meeting?
> I would have liked to attend the meeting in oxford like many
> others , and respect the work put in to the organisation of
> it by several people but the simple fact was in my case I
> had no money...... Im sure Im not the only person to suffer
> from this disability either.

I have to be honest and agree with the points above,  I too would
like to have gone - but pennies are an issue for me (and will be
for the next year as I have a wedding to fork out for - but
thats my problem).

I think I may have to see if I can get the next meeting down
as training on the Staff Development fund,  so if someone could
raise an invoice....

Is there any chance of copies of slides for the 
presentations being put up on the website for download, so those
of us who couldnt go can at least see the slides?

In the meantime the Computing Society here at UKC would probably
love to have someone/bodies down to give a talk on FreeBSD - but that
would probably need to be targetted in a general manner rather than

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