2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Thu Jul 13 12:29:21 BST 2000

> On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 08:08:56AM +0100, Simon Clayton wrote:
> > On the topic of replacing Windows, I have a problem - namely that my
> > company does web development and the great masses out there have a
> > preference for IE.  This starts to be a big problem when I want to run X
> > on my Sony F409 as I have to test mainly in IE and Netscape is so bloody
> > inconsistent from one version to the next (mostly JavaScript).
> hehehehe - sorry.
> > I remember seeing IE on X but I think that might have been Solaris - any
> > ideas?  Any way to get IE to run on FreeBSD X? I know Microsoft are a
> IE for Solaris only runs on a sparc - I imagine that MS dont particularly
> want to promote the Intel Solaris cant think why.

I tried to run the Solaris ie using a XFree86-4/FreeBSD-current 
display.  It said


So I did.

[shaking my head wondering why I'm surprised]

> --Paul

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