Venue location

Culf culf at
Thu Jul 13 12:11:05 BST 2000

Well, Manchester has good FreeBSD links, outside of UMIST.  Although the
biggest cluster of curry establishments are somewhat out of town down in
Rusholme (where I used to live, and miss sorely! [well, the Curry Mile
anyway, not Rusholme in particular!]).

Manchester Computing hosts regular local Linux user group meetings that
are well attended.  I daresay a similar FreeBSD event would attract
members of that community too, especially if it features more general
topics that our communities share.

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Christopher Raven wrote:

> How about Manchester then, with a tie-in to the UMIST?
> Perhaps one of the lecture theatres are available for a small fee?
> Besides that, a large chunk of the campus is right in the heart of
> manchester, a mere stowns throw from many fine public and curry houses !
> Besides, if we count Scotland, Manchester lies on the border within easy
> reach by train, plane and autombile ('scuse the pun).

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