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Darren Evans darren at
Thu Jul 13 11:59:40 BST 2000

Something that interests me is the,

ipf or ipfw on FreeBSD versus ipf or ipfw on OpenBSD

Which I suppose depends upon the feelings of the group,
personally if there's some learning to be done does
it matter that it crosses the boundary of FreeBSD
if it's closely related?

It's the classic argument of you can learn a lot more
about yourself by studying others.

Aka by learning something about how this works on another
platform, the strengths of FreeBSD are highlighted and the
weaknesses too.  This is obviously a good thing because it
clarify's the reality of what the system can really do.
I can see this issue becoming more useful as more people
see lots of platforms and try to decide what to use.
That's another reason why I really enjoyed the talk on 
the weekend because the developers were honest enough to
say this bit needs work etc.

I'm sure this has been asked before but i'm curious how
this would go down.

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