Venue location

Christopher Raven chris at
Thu Jul 13 11:52:44 BST 2000

How about Manchester then, with a tie-in to the UMIST?

Perhaps one of the lecture theatres are available for a small fee?
Besides that, a large chunk of the campus is right in the heart of
manchester, a mere stowns throw from many fine public and curry houses !

Besides, if we count Scotland, Manchester lies on the border within easy
reach by train, plane and autombile ('scuse the pun).


Roger Hardiman wrote:

> Darren Evans wrote:
> > Surely a venue located in London would attract more potential
> > FreeBSD users being the capital and do more for FreeBSD.
> > I noticed most of us were not students and therefore
> > working, so surely a little extra dosh won't break the bank?
> I agree, there were only a few students in Oxford.
> But we are not all contractors either and some of us
> permie's who do not get paid London salaries find London
> too expensive.
> Anyway, I'm not against a London venue.
> My issue is travel time.
> I work in Glasgow and I know quite a few other
> FreeBSD users here who would have come to Oxford
> but it was too far away and unless you are luck and
> get a cheapo train ticket, too expensive to go to
> when the boss is not paying.
> Roger
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