Venue location

Paul Richards paul at
Thu Jul 13 11:44:59 BST 2000

Roger Hardiman wrote:
> Darren Evans wrote:
> > Surely a venue located in London would attract more potential
> > FreeBSD users being the capital and do more for FreeBSD.
> > I noticed most of us were not students and therefore
> > working, so surely a little extra dosh won't break the bank?
> I agree, there were only a few students in Oxford.
> But we are not all contractors either and some of us
> permie's who do not get paid London salaries find London
> too expensive.

That's an important point. IT salaries are not that high outside of the
SE England. While a contractor around London would not think twice about
spending a few hundred on a weekend away, for someone working in the
public sector, where 20-25k is towards the top of the pay scale and
15k-20k is more the average, a weekend away is not something than can be
paid for at the drop of a hat.

We need to be growing FreeBSD all over the UK and we must always bear in
mind the differences in relative wealth between London and the rest of
the country when we are judging what is expensive.

Also, although not many students attended the last event, I would hope
that we can do more promotional work for the next one and tap into new
areas such as the universities and colleges.


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