Venue location

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu Jul 13 11:22:01 BST 2000

Darren Evans wrote:
> Surely a venue located in London would attract more potential
> FreeBSD users being the capital and do more for FreeBSD.
> I noticed most of us were not students and therefore
> working, so surely a little extra dosh won't break the bank?

I agree, there were only a few students in Oxford.
But we are not all contractors either and some of us
permie's who do not get paid London salaries find London
too expensive.

Anyway, I'm not against a London venue.

My issue is travel time.

I work in Glasgow and I know quite a few other
FreeBSD users here who would have come to Oxford
but it was too far away and unless you are luck and
get a cheapo train ticket, too expensive to go to
when the boss is not paying.


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