2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Simon Clayton Simon at reftech.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 08:08:56 BST 2000

On the topic of replacing Windows, I have a problem - namely that my
company does web development and the great masses out there have a
preference for IE.  This starts to be a big problem when I want to run X
on my Sony F409 as I have to test mainly in IE and Netscape is so bloody
inconsistent from one version to the next (mostly JavaScript).

I remember seeing IE on X but I think that might have been Solaris - any
ideas?  Any way to get IE to run on FreeBSD X? I know Microsoft are a
pain in the arse for a lot of things but <asking for a slap>I happen to
like IE better than Netscape</asking for a slap> - unfortunately for
FreeBSD, so do an awful lot of people and the way the world is going,
the browser is one of the most important bits of software on the


Simon Clayton
Reference Technology Ltd

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Neil and the UK User Group

> My suggestion is;
>   MS Windows: Living with it, living without it.

>   VMware
>   Samba
>   WINE
>   Office suite replacements to MS Office
>   Connecting Palm handhelds to FreeBSD
>   How people have mananged to intergrate FreeBSD and Windows

These are all excellent topics.

I can ramble on about VMWare
and I've used Samba too as a file server and a printer server.

We can also have
  PPP+MGETTY, a dial up server that Windows users can dial into

  FreeBSD+XFree86 desktops, usable GUIs and handy applications.

Any other suggestions for the talks.


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