2nd UK User Conference - venue thread

Paul Richards paul at originative.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 18:01:05 BST 2000

Roger Hardiman wrote:

> I wanted to ask about the location.
> We thought about
>   Birmingham.
>   Manchester
>   London
>   Oxford again.

I think it needs to have an airport, or at least some other easy
transport from Europe. I'd like to keep building the conference as each
one goes by so I think as a target for the next one we should be looking
at 100 people and a weekend. Given that the last one was organised in a
little over two weeks, I'm confident we can organise something a lot
better in 4 months.

I like the replacing windows theme; that could run through the whole
event but still allow us to cover a wide range of technical levels in
the talks.

How much would people be willing to pay for a full weekend conference,
splitting the cost into entrance fees and accomodation fees.

I'm planning on getting started on organising the next one straight
after I get back from the O'Reilly conference. I've talked to a venue
organiser already and I'm hoping that by the time I get back there'll be
a list of potential venues to consider.

I'm also hoping that I can raise a reasonable amount of sponsorship this
time around as well, probably by having some trade stalls or maybe some
other form of sponsorship, such as a "branded" session, or advertising
in the conference proceedings etc. I had a reasonable amount of interest
from people this time around which suggests that with some concerted
effort finance can be raised to help subsidise costs.


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