2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Mark Ovens mark at dogma.freebsd-uk.eu.org
Wed Jul 12 17:04:24 BST 2000

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 12:46:30PM +0100, Roger Hardiman wrote:
> Neil and the UK User Group
> > My suggestion is;
> >   MS Windows: Living with it, living without it.
> >   VMware
> >   Samba
> >   WINE
> >   Office suite replacements to MS Office
> >   Connecting Palm handhelds to FreeBSD
> >   How people have mananged to intergrate FreeBSD and Windows
> These are all excellent topics.
> I can ramble on about VMWare
> and I've used Samba too as a file server and a printer server.
> We can also have
>   PPP+MGETTY, a dial up server that Windows users can dial into
>   FreeBSD+XFree86 desktops, usable GUIs and handy applications.
> Any other suggestions for the talks.

If the Windows topic prevails then I could probably put something
together about running Win and FreeBSD on the same machine.

I was thinking about a topic I could offer to talk about at the next
conference and decided on the Ports (what they are, how they work,
keeping up to date, and something about "undocumented" features).
Anyway, if the Windows thing doesn't prevail then consider this a firm
offer from me.

> Roger
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