Laptop for FreeBSD

Neil Ford neil at
Wed Jul 12 15:59:30 BST 2000

I know this is probably going to elicit a hundred different answers, but what
the heck :-)

I'm looking to get a laptop to run FreeBSD on. Budget is not unlimited so I do
expect to have to compromise.

Main requirements are;
  Known to work with FreeBSD (incl. sound, suspend/resume, etc.)
  NO built-in modem (it's not going to work anyways and I have a perfectly
    good PCMCIA one anyway)
  1024x768 screen resolution
  Expandable to 256Mb (will eventually want to run multiple VMware sessions)
  2 PCMCIA slots (save swapping the modem and the network card)

I know Brian and Nik have Sony Vaios (from the F400 range I think, now sadly
looking like thay've been discontinued) and I think I saw at least one Dell at
the weekend, but all suggestions are welcome.

Neil C. Ford ( at
Network Manager, Dorling Kindersley Family Learning Ltd.
DDI: 01403 833260

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