2nd UK User Conference - venue thread

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Wed Jul 12 14:29:30 BST 2000

Maybe a simple form on the web would reflect peoples opinions better?

At 13:10 12/07/2000 , you wrote:
>After the Oxford meet some of us (Ben,Brian,Sue,me) thought about doing 
>another meeting in November.
>Neil has taken the lead on the conference content.
>I wanted to ask about the location.
>We thought about
>   Birmingham.
>   Manchester
>   London
>   Oxford again.
>   Central, easily accessible from both the North of England and from 
> London and the South. (even from bonnie scotland) Good trains, motorways 
> and an international Airport.
>   A bit further north and less handy for the London/South and these 
> people seem to be large in number)
>   Ok, but expensive. Expensive rooms/accomodation, expensive food.
>Oxford (again)
>   People know how to get there.
>What do people prefer.
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