2nd UK User Conference - call for papers?

Jonathan Belson jon at dookie.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 12:56:22 BST 2000


>Subjects covered could include:
>  VMware
>  Samba
>  Office suite replacements to MS Office and how to exchange data with MS
>    Office users
>  Connecting Palm handhelds to FreeBSD (for those who wish to leave Windows
>    completely behind.
>  How people have mananged ti intergrate FreeBSD and Windows in a work
>    environmment.

On a similar note:

Handling email from a FreeBSD server, including periodically fetching incoming
mail and making it available to user desktops via POP3, and posting user's
email out onto the Internet.

We do similar here (using fetchmail and qmail), with other facilities like
using mhonarc to list emails on a globally accessable intranet page -
very useful for catching up with a project.



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