A freebsd Magizine ?

Nik Clayton nik at freebsd.org
Wed Jul 12 07:21:29 BST 2000

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 09:33:58PM +0100, David Richards wrote:
>    I know this idea is gonna sound really dumb etc... but has any one seen
> that linux format ?? 

Yes.  I spoke with them at Linux Expo.

> but i was thinking about how about the user group try and create one and
> compete with it ? but for freebsd ?

Not to be negative (ho ho), but not a chance, unless there are people here
with phenomenally deep pockets.

However, when I spoke to them they were very receptive to the idea of 
running BSD articles in the magazine, and possibly getting FreeBSD on 
their covermount CD ("If you like Linux, you'll love this").

If you've got an article idea, approach them and see if you can sell it.
As far as I know, Walnut Creek's offer to pay you whatever they pay you for
the article as well is still good.

Internet connection, $19.95 a month.  Computer, $799.95.  Modem, $149.95.
Telephone line, $24.95 a month.  Software, free.  USENET transmission,
hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Thinking before posting, priceless.
Somethings in life you can't buy.  For everything else, there's MasterCard.
  -- Graham Reed, in the Scary Devil Monastery

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