Buying a FreeBSD with Raid PC server in London?

L. Cranswick L.M.D.Cranswick at
Tue Jul 11 19:44:18 BST 2000


I am  helping out on an academic  grant writeup:
for web-serving - I am recommending FreeBSD 
as the way to go.  

For a system located in London
For pricing - could I get some rough estimated prices
on the following and companies that would sell the
following with a hardware service agreement?
(all from one company so any technical difficulties
have one contact)


PC - > 500MHz CPU - 1 Gig RAM
IDE hard-disk for FreeBSD to sit on(?).

External Raid Harddisk system for /usr/local 
Web data/user area that would do 50 to 100 Gig 
and allow hot swapping and expanding.  (anything 
less for 2 to 3k? - I hear the mocking laughter 
already :-) )  I know 50 Gig Hard-disks are going
under a 1k now - not sure how much the extra for
the RAID is.

Juke Box backup tape system that could cope with
90 Gig of uncompressable data.  What software is
good for this type of thing - flexible for creating
permanent archives/disaster recovery backups and 

(I take if having the Jukebox tape backup system
and Raid on different SCSI cards would be more



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