Some late thanks for the meet

Steve Roome steve at
Tue Jul 11 17:08:37 BST 2000

I know it's a bit late now, but thanks all for a great day on
Saturday. I must say, I was a bit concerened about going along at
first, worried about what I could contribute to such an event.

[ Just silly questions it seems! =) ]

But it all proved worthwhile as I've come away more knowledgable in
several areas, as I expect most of us did.

Also, although it's been said before, I don't think it can be
emphasized too much that it was superb to be able to put faces to the
rather anonymous email addresses we're all used to!

Thanks to all of you who turned up and cheered up a rainy, windy
Saturday for myself and Tom.

Special thanks to Joe for spending a lot of time/money on the
mobile phone for directions to the pub & curry venue and also
to Brian for much help with ppp, and anyone else I've missed
who offered much needed advice and assistance.

I'll definitely be at the next meet too, and to anyone who missed this
one, I was certainly in two minds about going, but I'd go again for
sure and if you read this email and didn't turn up, then we'll all
see you at the next meet! Don't miss out, turn up!


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