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Darren Evans darren at
Tue Jul 11 12:21:04 BST 2000

Not that difficult getting sendmail running although it does take
some time to learn the weirdness of how they do things.

FreeBSD is not difficult to get into if you've used Linux a lot,
please no flame on that one.

You don't need to upgrade your OS to upgrade sendmail although
if you do have an old installation I recommend a backup, format,
install, restore to make everything fresh.  Yes you can upgrade
on the fly, although if it really is an old install I don't recommend it.

Sendmail 8.10.2 uses /etc/mail as it's default configuration

You will probably want to compile the anti-spam features into it

You want to look into the m4 macro language for creating
sendmail configuration files that do what you want.

Check out the O'Reilly sendmail book, although it is a little
old for the fast changing internet but is still recommended.

Once you've learnt sendmail enough to run it and know the concepts
behind it then i'd say consider looking around for another such as
something like qmail.

The only way to really get into unix is to jump into it
and ask lots of questions, I recommend setting up a crash box
to try things out on so as to keep your server's up :-)

Feel free to drop me an email and i'll try to help.

Darren Evans/Profero  +44(0)20 7700 9960 

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