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Harper, Guy guyh at demon.net
Tue Jul 11 11:24:28 BST 2000

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Hello all...

I have just upgraded my FreeBSD box at home to 4.0 Stable (following
total failure of primary hard disk) and am experiencing something I
have never seen before......

The machine is setup to talk to Demon's nameservers via ADSL. The
machine will resolve relay-1.mail.demon.net quite happily, but
(seemingly) any request made to resolve anything which Demon is not
authoratitve for, results in :

can't resolve #hostname# - no address associated with name

Now, if I query the Demon DNS servers from anywhere else, I have no
issues.... they resolve as normal. If I ping the IP address of *any*
host, I have no problems. Problem is specific to DNS resolution.

I guess it's worth noting that I have yet to remove IPV6 support from
the kernel.

Any thoughts?



Please include guyh at demon.net in the reply, as I'm not signed up to
the user group on this address, and (for obvious reasons!) can't
receive mail at home at the moment....

Guy Harper <guyh at demon.net>
Senior Systems Administrator - Multi Platform Services
Demon Internet - Thus PLC
Tel : 0208 371 1249

"Win32 didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten years
of careful development."

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