Assistance with upgrade required...I think?!?!

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Mon Jul 10 21:43:59 BST 2000

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 01:46:00PM +0100, Carol Gordon wrote:
> Can anybody out there help me.
> I have a mailhost here running FreeBSD/Sendmail.  I am a complete newbie to
> both Unix and FreeBSD and I'm having some trouble getting to grips with the
> whole thing.  I have some security issues which need to be addressed ASAP
> and from my initial looksee, I think I need to upgrade the OS before I can
> secure Sendmail.  I have some questions that can probably be answered quite
> quickly and I would appreciate help from anyone who's willing.

It's prefectly possible to upgrade sendmail without upgrading all of
FreeBSD.  You could just grab the latest source .tar.gz from and compile & install it.  It should work on
practically an modern FreeBSD (probably as far back as 2.1.x?).

For better advice than this, we really need to know a bit more about
the setup of the machine.  What version of FreeBSD it's running and so

In my personal opinion the best thing you can do with sendmail is to
take it out behind the barn and shoot it.  I think you'd be much better
off installing Postfix[1], which is more secure, less resource intensive
and a damned sight easier to configure.

If the FreeBSD box is relatively modern, it might have an up-to-date
ports system, which is one of the joys of running FreeBSD.  For example,
to install postfix (without overwriting sendmail) you can do this:

# cd /usr/ports/mail/postfix
# make install

And the program will be downloaded, extracted, patched, configured,
compiled and installed for you.  As will any programs it depends on.

Good luck.  You know where we are now.

Try Zope!


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