Mouse not working in XFree86 (FreeBSD 4.0)

Tony Balazs tony at
Mon Jul 10 14:15:23 BST 2000

I have tried setting Protocol to "SysMouse" and Device to
"/Dev/sysmouse" in /etc/XF86Config and this seems 
to have done the trick.  Not sure why, as I didn't want 
to have mouse use in the text-only areas (?).  
But now I've got it.


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Subject:	Mouse not working in XFree86

I have just attempted to set up Xfree86 and seem to have it functioning 
(menus work via the keyboard, for instance) but... my mouse doesn't respond.  
It's a 2-button + wheel MS mouse (Intellimouse) into serial Port 1, which I have 
now called /dev/ttyd1 (when I had /dev/ttyd0 Xfree86 refused to run at all, 
with a port in use error message).

Can anyone suggest how I might debug this problem?


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