The Oxford meeting - a report

Ben Smithurst ben at
Sun Jul 9 23:58:44 BST 2000

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Mark Ovens wrote:

> Brian Somers started the afternoon session with a presentation about
> the workings of PPP, not only the ppp(8) and pppd(8) programs but the
> protocol itself, the various authentication schemes (including the "M$
> extensions"), and how badly broken BT Internet's setup is ;-).

And later went on to say, when explain something else,  "I've got a BT
Internet account myself..." :-)

> One thing about Nik's presentation that I will mention left me
> stunned. That was the announcement that I, and Ben Smithurst, had been
> proposed (by Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <asmodai at>) and
> approved (by Nik) as new FreeBSD committers (initially for the docs).

Yes.  I was surprised, you certainly looked it when I looked over...  I
was thinking earlier, I suppose I might venture into src/ as well if
I'm allowed, as I did submit the -{max,min}depth options to find(1)
recently.  I'll probably do ports a bit as well, especially as I
maintain three.

> As I said at the start of this post, the Conference was an
> overwhelming success. The quality of the presentations was very high.

=2E.. even if Nik did use PowerPoint ... ;-)

> I am sure that everyone who attended will join me in thanking Paul,
> Nik, Brian and the other organizers for the hard work they put into
> arranging the Conference.

One nice thing for me was being able to put a face to so many of the
names, especially the 6 committers who were there (Nik, Nick, Brian,
Joe, Roger, Paul).  Also nice in that there were 9 committers at the
start and 11 by the end. :-)

> There is already talk of arranging another in 3-6 months time, and
> hopefully they will become regular events, along with install-a-thons
> (perhaps that ought to be the basis of the next meeting).

yep, we (me, Paul Richards, Roger H.) were talking about this earlier
today, obviously nothing remotely final has been decided on, but one
idea seemed to be an informal meeting in about September and another
formal conference in November.  I'm sure Paul will give more details
soon, probably more in advance than the two weeks for this meeting.
Perhaps it should be announced on -chat as well, maybe even -announce,
to get wider coverage.

Most importantly, when do we get the photos on the website? :-)

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