Accessing ISO Images

Paul Civati paul at
Sun Jul 9 13:30:19 BST 2000

"Philip Baker" <bakerpw at> wrote:

> I downloaded the freed BSD image and after
> 40+ hours of modem time ended up with a
> beautiful 4.0-instal.iso file.
> Now I need to establish what to do with it.
> I have a CD writer and Nero software. I also

I don't know Nero but you should have an option to "create CD
from disk image" or similar, the disk image is your ISO file.

> I have created the boot floppies using rawrite and
> the downloaded files and got into the installation
> screens OK but I now need the program and packages.

If you have a bios capable of CD booting then the CD should be
bootable I think.


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