Accessing ISO Images

Philip Baker bakerpw at
Sun Jul 9 13:17:47 BST 2000

I am a freeBSD wannabee and would
appreciate some help - I'm sure you've
all heard this one before!

I downloaded the freed BSD image and after
40+ hours of modem time ended up with a
beautiful 4.0-instal.iso file.

Now I need to establish what to do with it.

I have a CD writer and Nero software. I also
have some Linux experience and have downloaded
utilities such as mkisofs and others. However,
the documentation does not cover this topic
very well and whilst the way to create ISO
images is fairly well explained, the way to write
them so they can be accessed is not clear.

I have created the boot floppies using rawrite and
the downloaded files and got into the installation
screens OK but I now need the program and packages.

I am reluctant to buy CDs having invested all that
time in downloading etc and would appreciate if one
of you seasoned BSDers could tell me the way forward.

Perhaps I can then reciprocate with things I do know

Many thanks!

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