Yesterdays meet

Rich Wood rich at
Sun Jul 9 12:46:09 BST 2000

First of all thanks to Paul (and everyone else who helped) for 
organising yesterdays meet. It was a very enjoyable and informative 
day, even with the delay in coffee.

Thanks to Paul, Brian, Joe, Nik and Richard for the talks, even if 
they did get a little rushed towards the end. I'm sure someone will 
write up a fuller report of yesterdays proceedings so I won't attempt 
to summarise the talks for those who were unable to attend.

Congratulations to those who were forced to accept commit privileges 
and also to those annoucing new jobs and companies (I'm sure 
repesctive people will explain further later).

Hopefully we can do a similar thing in 3-4 months time, and hopefully 
someone can persuade Netcraft to host it so I don't have to travel 
anywhere :-)

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