Freebsd Accounts

Lee Johnston lee at
Fri Jul 7 19:08:23 BST 2000

Hi David,

A number of reasons may exist for the removal of your account, including:

	o - Running processes in the background while not logged in.
	o - Not using the account for a longer period than a month.

The accounts are provide out of courtesy, and we have a lot of demand for
them, so I hope you appreciate why we remove unused accounts after the
month period.

So if you e-mail me your membership number, I'll either re-enable your
account, or re-create it.



[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
> Hello,
>          I think this will be the second time i have had to email the list.
> But I had a account, and then one day is was gone! is it possible to get it
> back ?
> my user was darkearth, email me back the password
> thanks
> david
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