Webgear card owners

Duncan Barclay dmlb at ragnet.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 20:31:28 BST 2000

On 05-Jul-00 Paul Civati wrote:
> Duncan Barclay <dmlb at ragnet.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> If anyone going to Oxford has any Webgear Aviator Wireless LAN cards
>> could you bring them along on Saturday? I wouldn't mind trying a few stress
>> tests on the driver.
> Not related to the meet at all..  just curious about the technology..
>> I'll bring along a few cards for people to use as well.
> How well do they work?

Great, I got them in Feb. and we've been using them all around the house and
garden since then.
> How much bandwidth and distance do you get out of them?

The cards are 2Mb/s, FTP is 160kB/s, distance is a few hundred feet.

> And the all important how much are they? ;)

Well I had to buy them in Fry's in Sunnyvale. They were £50/card including
an ISA-Pccard converter. The newer version are available for export at about
$100 each.


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