Scalability of FreeBSD

Nick Jones Nick.Jones at
Thu Jul 6 11:51:23 BST 2000

> Actually it would be nice if you could install both
> FreeBSD and Linux and do a head-to-head comparison.
> (set up something to stress test the machine)

ok, any suggestions?  this machine is here on evaluation only, and it's here
for another week or so, which doesn't give me much time.  however, if
someone could suggest a stress-test applicable to linux and freebsd, then
i'd be happy to give it a try.  it would have to be something processor
intensive (as opposed to disk i/o happy, as that is what this machine is
geared up for in it's current state)....

> However, if you can then try FreeBSD 5.0-current as the SMP
> changes go in, it would be great to see how the
> FreeBSD vrs Linux comparison unfolds.

/me starts to download 5.0-current...

> If you can write up a short report, with some simple
> graphs, it would make a great Daemon News artical,
> Slashdot artical or even various linux news sources.

hmmm - but only if freebsd wins (j/k)... :)

- nick

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