Scalability of FreeBSD

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu Jul 6 11:44:15 BST 2000


> how well freebsd would scale in comparison?  i hear that
Iknow some people which run 4 xeon boxes and were very happy.

Actually it would be nice if you could install both
FreeBSD and Linux and do a head-to-head comparison.
(set up something to stress test the machine)

Ok, linux may win at this point.

However, if you can then try FreeBSD 5.0-current as the SMP
changes go in, it would be great to see how the
FreeBSD vrs Linux comparison unfolds.

If you can write up a short report, with some simple
graphs, it would make a great Daemon News artical,
Slashdot artical or even various linux news sources.


But then ifI think the best solution 
> freebsd's smp code isn't exactly wonderful (although i know major
> improvements are being worked on), and i'd prefer to avoid linux where
> possible....
> - nick
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