Webgear card owners

Simon Clayton Simon at reftech.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 09:41:09 BST 2000

If they are anything like the Nokia cards/Access points they work really
well.  Bandwidth on traditional 802.11 stuff has been limited to 2Mbps
but Nokia (and a lot of other people) are currently releasing 11Mbps
cards.  OK, I know that this doesn't sound like a lot when you get
100Mbps full duplex ethernet but actually even the 2Mbps cards are
perfectly acceptable  for every day use as long as you don't go copying
huge files all of the time.

As for distance, depending on the aerials used we can get 300 metres in
clear air - again I only have experience of the Nokia stuff but they are
all governed to the same power/frequency range so they should be much
the same.

Cost wise, the technology has been getting much more affordable
recently - you can get various cards for around £100 and most of them
will work peer-to-peer.  Access points for a load of cards to talk
together tend to be the expensive bit.

If anyone is interested in this stuff we are currently installing a
wireless LAN in and around Lichfield Cathedral and I would be happy to
talk to anyone needing to do this type of project.


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Duncan Barclay <dmlb at ragnet.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> If anyone going to Oxford has any Webgear Aviator Wireless LAN cards
> could you bring them along on Saturday? I wouldn't mind trying a few
> tests on the driver.

Not related to the meet at all..  just curious about the technology..

> I'll bring along a few cards for people to use as well.

How well do they work?

How much bandwidth and distance do you get out of them?

And the all important how much are they? ;)


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