PCCARD: Hands-on help required

Duncan Barclay dmlb at ragnet.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 5 20:52:31 BST 2000

On 05-Jul-00 Brian Somers wrote:
>> Any pccard gurus going to the conference this weekend?
>> I'm trying to get the PCMCIA stuff working in my Tosh laptop but it's giving
>> me all kinds of grief. All I want is to get my Psion Gold Card working so I
>> can
>> check my email whilst I'm away. If I don't then I'll be resorting to doing
>> it
>> on a Palm :-)
>> So if anyone could spare some time to give me some pointers that would be
>> appreciated. I'm running 4.0-STABLE and will be doing a cvsup just before I
>> leave work tommorrow (long weekend!). If I need to grab anything else then 
>> warning before then would be good. Unfortunately I don't have a portable CD
>> drive for this baby, only a floppy drive.
>> Usual reimbursment (beer) will be forthcoming of course.
> I can usually get this sort of thing working, so bagsie-eye the beer 
> (or at least a try for it) !

I can pitch in too - I've recently had far too much knowledge of pccard for any
sane person!


PS. Actually I'm just looking for some free beer!

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