PCCARD: Hands-on help required

Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Wed Jul 5 16:36:01 BST 2000

Any pccard gurus going to the conference this weekend?

I'm trying to get the PCMCIA stuff working in my Tosh laptop but it's giving
me all kinds of grief. All I want is to get my Psion Gold Card working so I can
check my email whilst I'm away. If I don't then I'll be resorting to doing it
on a Palm :-)

So if anyone could spare some time to give me some pointers that would be
appreciated. I'm running 4.0-STABLE and will be doing a cvsup just before I
leave work tommorrow (long weekend!). If I need to grab anything else then 
warning before then would be good. Unfortunately I don't have a portable CD
drive for this baby, only a floppy drive.

Usual reimbursment (beer) will be forthcoming of course.

Neil C. Ford
neil at ourshack.com / neil at binky.demon.co.uk

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