Using PGP on a FreeBSD Mail Server

Brian Somers brian at
Wed Jul 5 10:04:18 BST 2000

> Hi,
> I've been looking for information about how I can PGP encrypt and sign email
> on a FreeBSD machine to allow the transmission of confidential data via the
> internet. Specifically, after a secure HTTP session I want to send the
> result somewhere else ... CGI-style.
> Any pointers to sources of info., or exmples of possible implementation
> appreciated.

If you're just looking for a PGP enabled MDA, I'd recommend exmh 
(mail/exmh2 in the ports).  The PGP stuff is optional, but if you 
install both pgp5 (dunno if pgp6 works - I haven't tried it) and 
pgp2.6 first, everything should work seamlessly !

> Regards,
> Steve.

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