can't get /dev/console for controlling terminal

Darren Evans darren at
Mon Jul 3 16:22:30 BST 2000

eric init: can't get /dev/console for controlling terminal: Operation not

I've tried booting kernel.old and kernel.GENERIC and obviously kernel,
all come up with this error.

The only thing that has changed, is that i've added some features to
the kernel, namely these.

I suspect it's the snoop device that causing this menagerie.

pseudo-device   snp     3       #Snoop device - to look at pty/vty/etc..
pseudo-device   vinum           #Vinum concat/mirror/raid driver

options         TCP_DROP_SYNFIN         #drop TCP packets with SYN+FIN
options         TCP_RESTRICT_RST        #restrict emission of TCP RST

options         IPFIREWALL              #firewall
options         IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE      #print information about
                                        # dropped packets
options         "IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE_LIMIT=100" #limit verbosity
options         IPFILTER                #kernel ipfilter support
options         IPFILTER_LOG            #ipfilter logging
#options        IPFILTER_LKM            #kernel support for ip_fil.o LKM

I'm running 3.5-STABLE FreeBSD.

There is also a /syslogd.core file, aka syslogd has bombed.

I can boot into single user mode and change options, but so far i've not
found out what it is or been able to fix it.

Help :-)

many thanks

Darren Evans/Profero  +44(0)20 7700 9960

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