Feature request for consideration for FreeBSD

Paul Richards paul at originative.co.uk
Mon Jul 3 15:18:22 BST 2000

Nik Clayton wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 10:07:11AM +0100, L. Cranswick wrote:

> > Given the FreeBSD installer is very slick for network based
> > installs - could there (is there already?) be an option
> > in the sysinstall program to check for updated/patched
> > programs and then to download/install them?
> Tricky.  We don't package updates to programs in this way.  Users are
> encouraged to either

I read that as being the ports, i.e. check if there's a more up to date
port rather than using the one of the CD. Of course, with Linux being a
collection of programs bolted into a distribution it probably works
better for them since they can update to the latest release of a
particalar core component.

The ports idea though seems like a good one. To extend it to system
components we need to think about modularising the installation. That's
been an issue since somewhere around day 1 of the project :-)

I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about a revamped file
management system (that would site under a package manager) that takes a
few leafs from NT (boo, hiss). If there are people interested in this
then collar me on Saturday, maybe we can start a UK project to revamp
the way FreeBSD installs and is packaged.


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