SoundBlaster Live! (+ more problems)

Chris.Smith at Chris.Smith at
Mon Jul 3 09:18:54 BST 2000


** Slight problem with the site below... the .h file
** doesnt exist on :) Any ideas?

The emu10k1.h file is in the gnu sources section as
it's theived from the Linux effort.  Cant remember
where that is (something like:-

I frigged the code a bit to pick up the .h file while
doing my normal of ignoring GPL policy and the FreeBSD
filesystem standards :-)

This did kinda work.  The mixer works, but the dsp
nukes the system with a nice panic.  Catting .au
files to the dsp does work though but the amp port
brings the system down:-

pci: pci error.


Anyone got any ideas?  The hardware works fine in it's
current combination with certain other OSs (Win2k -
eck <-  I disclaim responsibility for that, but I need
it to play Unreal Tournament!).  I think it might be
the PSU in the system though, as it's a very heavily
loaded 233W job, so I won't complain until I get a
bigger supply :-)


- Chris.

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