getting FreeBSD-related jobs

Paul Richards paul at
Mon Jul 3 00:33:36 BST 2000

Brian Somers wrote:
> > > Try to make it to the Oxford conference and we should be able to=20
> > > discuss some possibilities :-)
> >
> > Hmm, I guess I could try and get there, but I'm leaving it a bit
> > late for the registrations...  Is anyone going there from or through
> > Sheffield who I could scrounge a lift off?  I can pay a bit for petrol
> > etc, it would probably be cheaper than the train.  And then there's
> > accomodation to sort out, I guess I'll start re-reading all the threads
> > on the subject...
> I'm sure Paul (cc'd) can make sure there's a place reserved
> for you....

There are still spaces and I'm not closing the registrations for a few
days yet There'll be a final email giving you a last chance just before
I do so.

If you didn't already know, register at


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