getting FreeBSD-related jobs

Brian Somers brian at
Sun Jul 2 21:55:25 BST 2000

> Does anyone have any advice on how to go about finding *BSD related
> jobs?  The FreeBSD-jobs list is close to dormant, so if anyone has any
> other suggestions (or vacancies :-) that would be great...
> One problem is that most jobs seem to require experience which seems to
> put you in a bit of a catch-22.  (The only real experience I have is
> fiddling about with FreeBSD at home for a couple of years, which doesn't
> really count.)

Heh, that counts *a lot* in my book !

> thanks (and sorry for this being probably off-topic)
> --=20
> Ben Smithurst / ben at / PGP: 0x99392F7D

Try to make it to the Oxford conference and we should be able to 
discuss some possibilities :-)
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