Getting to Oxford on Saturday July 8.

Brian Somers brian at
Sun Jul 2 21:45:12 BST 2000

For people planning to attend the conference in Oxford on July 8th, 
and especially for those of you that want to leave travelling to the 
last minute...

Here's some information about how to get there.  I'm basing this stuff 
on travelling from Waterloo on Saturday morning, in the hope that 
this also covers our French colleagues that plan to attend.

Of course it's probably a better idea to travel to Oxford the night 
before and make a weekend of it, but I haven't been following the 
threads on the FreeBSD UK Users Group list at  
Feel free to subscribe or search the archives.

The train to Oxford leaves from Paddington.  The times from Waterloo 
to Paddington and from there to Oxford go something like this:

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