User group meeting, Saturday July 8th, Moat House Hotel, Oxford

Roger Hardiman roger at
Sat Jul 1 05:22:18 BST 2000

Mark Ovens wrote:

> So, flying back to the colonies is going to "promote and grow" FreeBSD in
> Europe? Thanks for your conscientious approach to the job you've been
> employed to do Stefan.

Let me give you the full story before you think Stefan is
not interested in the UK User Group.

Why he cannot come
The Oxford meeting _was_ going to be on 1st July.
AND Stefan was coming to give a presentation.

But we had to postpone the meeting to 8th July.
Stefan had to return to the USA on 4th July
for 2 weeks.
Remember, that he is employed by a company in the USA
and does have to go back to the main Office from time to time.

What Stefan has done about it
He has not just ignored us. He is concerned that he cannot make
the meeting.

He is planning to prepare a statement that Nik Clayton will present
in his absence.
Nik is a committer and runs the FreeBSD Documentation Project.
He has also been to the other User Group meetings.

Nik has had several meetings with Stefan over last few months finding
out all about BSDi's plans and what impact they will have us, the UK

I'm sure he will be able to answer many of the questions we would have
asked Stefan.

So, it is unfortunat that Stefan cannot make it
but he is interested in us and our opinions
and he is trying to getting Nik to speak on his behalf.

And all we need to do is have another UK Usergroup meeting
in the very near future and we can meet him then,
perhaps in a London pub as usual.


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