Changing boot disk bus connections/settings?

Richard Smith rdls at
Mon Jan 31 23:12:01 GMT 2000

David Marsh wrote:
> On 29-Jan-00 David Marsh wrote:
> >
> > On 29-Jan-00 Richard Smith wrote:
> >> David Marsh wrote:
> >>>
> > [Boot manager/booting off 'alternative' disk]
> >>>
> >>> Is there anywhere that I can have the 'set root_disk_unit=2' stored
> >>> permanently?
> > [..]
> Hah! :-)
> Got it sorted.
> I can change this kind of thing in /boot/loader.conf (should this be
> useful/unknown to anyone!). 'man loader'  helped me out a great deal :-)

Thanks for the pointer, I've tried to find /boot/ documentation myself
in the past.

> One wee further question: now that I've removed extraneous devices from my
> kernel, I get minor niggly error messages on bootup, caused, as far as I
> can see, from /boot/kernel.conf checking for things which aren't in the
> kernel config anymore. The file consists of:
> di zp0
> di ze0
> [further extraneous devices snipped..]
> di matcdc0
> q
> Is it safe to delete or empty this file?
> (Why was it there in the first place (it's datestamped as the time of my
> original install), and what does 'di' mean?)

You created it :-) when you deselected various devices from the config
menu, which appears when you boot up the installation disks or use "boot
-C" or some such. Yes, you can delete it.


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