Changing boot disk bus connections/settings?

David Marsh drmarsh at
Mon Jan 31 21:21:02 GMT 2000

On 29-Jan-00 David Marsh wrote:
> On 29-Jan-00 Richard Smith wrote:
>> David Marsh wrote:
> [Boot manager/booting off 'alternative' disk]
>>> Is there anywhere that I can have the 'set root_disk_unit=2' stored
>>> permanently?
> [..] 

Hah! :-)
Got it sorted.
I can change this kind of thing in /boot/loader.conf (should this be
useful/unknown to anyone!). 'man loader'  helped me out a great deal :-)

>> It's possible that you also need to change the `config' line in your
>> kernel configuration file... From LINT:
>> _________________________________________________________________________
>># This directive defines a number of things:
>>#  - The compiled kernel is to be called `kernel'
>>#  - The root filesystem might be on partition wd0a
>>#  - Crash dumps will be written to wd0b, if possible.  Specifying the
>>#    dump device here is not recommended.  Use dumpon(8).
>> config          kernel  root on wd0 dumps on wd0
>> _________________________________________________________________________

I tried changing the 'config..' line above appropriately, and made a new
kernel (oooh, I'm getting brave now!), but this didn't seem to make any
difference - only changing the loader configuration did the trick.

Ah well, I'm the proud father of a new and sleeker kernel now, anyway :-)

One wee further question: now that I've removed extraneous devices from my
kernel, I get minor niggly error messages on bootup, caused, as far as I
can see, from /boot/kernel.conf checking for things which aren't in the
kernel config anymore. The file consists of:

di zp0
di ze0
[further extraneous devices snipped..]
di matcdc0

Is it safe to delete or empty this file?
(Why was it there in the first place (it's datestamped as the time of my
original install), and what does 'di' mean?)



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