ppp and the redial timer

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Sun Jan 30 22:52:53 GMT 2000

> I'm trying to set up a dial-on-demand profile for my work router, which
> will be both resposive, and limit costs under busy/fault conditions.
>  	set timeout 30 60
> #	set redial 60+60-1.1 0

The ``.1'' is dangerous.  A lot of modems won't recover in less than 
about 3 seconds, so you may be always failing your chat script for 
each ``next'' number.

Enable chat logging and see if this is what's happening.  Your 
expectations are correct though :-)  Give me a shout with your log 
file (``set log debug command chat lcp phase'' would be good) if this 
doesn't work as advertised.

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