Changing boot disk bus connections/settings?

Richard Smith rdls at
Sat Jan 29 18:24:09 GMT 2000

David Marsh wrote:
> I read somewhere (I think it was the built-in help for the boot manager)
> that the boot manager expects hard disks to be installed in sequence: ie
> primary master, primary slave, etc.., and gets confused if there is a
> 'gap' (which is why it was looking for wd1 if left unaided - and failing,
> that's my CD drive ;-).
> I could always swap the secondary master drive (ie, the drive in
> question) and the CD around, but then I'd really have to dig into the case
> to set the slave jumper.. (these things are always inaccessible) :-(
> (..and then I'd have to change fstab again!)

I like the drives that have it all written on the drive :-)

FWIW, and I don't know how much of this is FUD now, but it's normal
practice to keep the CD drive on the secondary on it's own, as it would
otherwise (alegedly) slug performance of any hard drives sharing the
same interface.
> I should have known this if I'd thought about it! Sorry..!

I expect it was getting rather late ;-)


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